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Empath's Alchemy

Aug 21, 2020

When the majority of people around you are experiencing severe stress, anger, fear, etc. all at once? The self-care practices and boundaries that used to work for you may need some changes.


Jul 24, 2020

Let's discuss prejudice in the LDS/Mormon church and how hatred and oppression of other human beings can be portrayed as righteousness.


Jun 5, 2020

Intersectionality Matters! -Go listen to this podcast!

Please click the link above, make yourself some tea, pick an episode (you will love them all) and listen. 

I love you.

I'm here to listen when you need me! Sessions available...

May 29, 2020

Your sensitivity is not a weakness. You are made to see through the bullshit and speak to the source. Our voice as Empaths are incredibly necessary!  We can naturally hold compassion for healing while calling out injustice. Please don't hide under the covers now babe, you're made for...

May 8, 2020

Amidst such trying times, pause for a moment and look at how far you've come. Look at what you're made of. Look at who you are today and how you've grown from the person that started this trip.

You're doing it!!! Soak it up and take it in!