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Empath's Alchemy

Nov 29, 2018

Forgive the choppiness on this episode. If Mercury don't get his shit together...

On that note- let's talk about pickin' up on people's energies and especially the mucky ones like anger and anxiety.

Thank you for listening!! Send me your topic requests!

with love and joy

Nov 26, 2018

1. First, let's make sure you don't have an agreement with someone that they bring home all their homework for you to do...cause that ain't cool.  You're not broken or busted, you have an unhealthy agreement with someone who lacks self-responsibility.

2. People that sincerely come to you with their heartache, know you...

Nov 19, 2018

Sometimes we don't need the facts, because we've already been reasoning away and avoiding the facts all along.  We need someone else's story.  To hear ourselves in someone else's words.  Sometime's only then will we recognize what it is we've been feeling and trying to understand.

*Excuse me and the pup squeezing in...

Nov 12, 2018

Letting go and seeing the truth can be so painful, but the reward of untameable truth and compassion is beyond words.  We may be delaying love and joy we never thought possible, by holding onto things that no longer serve us.

One day at a time.  Just keep goin' baby, I'm right there with ya.

All my love and joy-


Nov 6, 2018

Don't invite everyone into the private details of your life!  I mean, OR your actual privates, but that's for completely different reasons we can discuss at a later date.

You are sacred and PRECIOUS.  Keep some gems to yourself so they can continue to grow.  Don't let people dull your shine by critiquing it at their...